Tuesday, July 25 – “It’s All Gravy” – Mother Sauce Series – Week 3 – 6:00 pm

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In this 5-part series Chef Jessica will share the techniques you’ll need to master the Five Mother Sauces every cook should know.  They are referred to as “Mother Sauces” because each is the root of its own unique family of sauces.  Comprised of a few simple ingredients you will learn that these basic building blocks serve as the starting point for a slew of so many other culinary classics.  The topic may seem intimidating but be assured…it’s all gravy“.… this series will nurture your kitchen confidence.

Week 3 –  Tuesday, July 25th Chef will start with a roux however this week the base will be mixed with beef stock for Espagnole Sauce –  the starting point for a rich and deeply flavorful concentrate called Demi-Glace.  Wine is added to yield the intensely flavored Madiera Sauce and will be served over sliced roast beef with roasted potatoes.   

Cost of class is $40 and included in the fee is a recipe packet and a full meal of the dishes prepared in the demonstration.   Chilled water and coffee are available;  and as always guests are welcomed to bring your favorite beverage if you wish.

Doors open at 6:00 pm. Seating is limited. Please book your reservation in advance by paying with any credit card through our website at www.KitchenAble.net. We can be reached by email at Info@kitchenable.net. or by phone (850) 264-2308.

Menu is subject to change based on market availability of ingredients and all classes have a minimum and maximum participation number.  We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule if minimum reservation requirements are not met.


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