Bon Appetit Brittany Gathering Stateside Saturday, May 28th



Market photoBon Voyage mon amie!  (Good travels my friend)

This summer a group of locals will join Chef Jessica McMullen on an educational and delightful culinary experience in Brittany, France for two exciting weeks       June 5 – 10th and June 12 – 17th.

Join us for our Bon Appetit Brittany Gathering on Saturday May 28th at 7:00 pm.
Note, this event is for travelers participating in the trip and their guests.  If you are registered for the trip the “Aperos” served are complimentary- any additional guests may attend if they wish to do so for a fee of $10.00.    We will enjoy a little Fromage, de pain, and a few other light refreshments as we gather and toast our pending trip. Come and meet who you will be traveling with and share your plans for this exciting culinary adventure. RSVP via email if you plan to attend.


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